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Simple Delivery

On-demand SCORM compliant online course via secure web LMS*, or deployed on your enterprise system. May combine with available workshop materials for a blended learning experience.

Immersive Learning

Proven fundamentals plus new science-based methodologies delivered through multimedia content featuring extensive tasks, activities, quizzes, games, and model scenarios.

Direct Application

Dynamically generated, personalized Action Plan & Tool Kit featuring user scores and notes, key point summaries, tip sheets, interactive forms, and a detailed negotiation process map.

Guided Reinforcement

Manager’s Playbook with coaching guidelines. Full year access to course content and Action Plan / Tool Kit with interactive forms including Benefit Generator, Needs Profile, and Trigger Builder.

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The latest in simplicity, all-device access, and management tracking & reporting.

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  • Easy, intuitive interface
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Get engaged for results.

“Amazing job. This programming is state of the art.”

– VP Training & Development, Fortune 1000 P&C Company

The 360° Adjuster is a fully animated, highly interactive update and redesign of the program that hundreds of carriers have been using to reduce costs, lower payouts, and improve customer satisfaction. Now with proven methodology in the neuroscience of influence and persuasion.

New from the PRISMS people. For 35 years the unrivaled specialists in success skills training for P&C pros.

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Course Modules & Learning Objectives
360° Adjuster is fully interactive multimedia programming for a reason: It’s an intensive, 6-module course of content, designed to cultivate sharp professionals with strong competencies. Modules take about an hour on average to complete. Access is for a full year.

Mod 1: Your Course to Success

Enthusiasm for learning and applying new skills is a performance improvement driver. An initial focus on the individual interests of the course participant is a key factor in programming to produce results.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • articulate the benefits of skill-building to their own career
  • identify a range of desired outcomes from an investment in learning
  • specify the roles of communication and negotiation in settlements
  • delineate the responsibilities of the adjuster as a customer conduit
  • draw the connection of claims, teamwork, and customer experience
  • define the relationship between claim handling and the company brand

Mod 2: Claims Communication

Customer-facing roles are deeply dependent on communication fundamentals, yet few academic or corporate curriculums cover them. A set of back-to-the-basics most of us never got in the first place.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • identify the key forms & channels of claims communication
  • employ active listening and persuasive questioning techniques
  • select the optimal communication channel by purpose or intent
  • use a knowledge of the signal input spectrum to leverage understanding
  • employ specific questioning types to achieve better, faster data retrieval
  • apply communication best practices to the negotiation process

Mod 3: Persuasive Partnering

The mutual goals and shared solutions of a partnership approach form the most effective context for both persuasion and negotiation. Using key insights about empathy and the emotional brain, adjusters can determine which interests and perspectives inform a claimant’s decisions.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • use emotional intelligence principles to adopt others’ perspectives
  • profile to identify key persuasion opportunities
  • balance analytical vs emotional decisions
  • recognize and deal with various personality types
  • set an optimal foundation for persuasive negotiations

Mod 4: The 7 Triggers to Yes

Neuroscience has given us us reliable guidelines on the true causal factors of human decision-making. The 7 Triggers formula is a powerful yet practical method for constructing and selecting the messages most likely to produce desired negotiation results.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • revise and enhance communications to engage the emotional brain
  • encourage claimants toward settlement decisions in every interaction
  • select and use each trigger with ease and confidence
  • conduct simpler, more collaborative negotiations
  • guide decisions instead of struggling against resistance

Mod 5: Strategies & Tactics

Adjusters can be at a disadvantage, especially with attorneys, if the bargaining and exchange aspects of the settlement are improvised. Specific negotiation strategies and tactics must be prepared, applied, and recognized to level the playing field, and to achieve productive results.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • identify & evaluate the 3 main negotiating styles
  • set strategy goals and plans for specific settlement situations
  • select partnering & persuasion techniques for strategic planning
  • recognize, select, use, and counter a range of negotiating tactics
  • assess the likely impact of different approaches to settlements
  • apply strategies and tactics in actual settlement negotiations

Mod 6: Conducting Negotiations

In this “putting it all together” module featuring case studies and captioned behavior modeling, adjusters watch, analyze, and plan full settlement scenarios, including establishing rapport, triggering trust, maintaining control, making opening offers, bargaining, closing and finalizing.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:

  • determine the likely sources of persuasion and influence
  • level-set with attorneys and other demanding people
  • facilitate partnership, trust, flexibility, and problem solving
  • apply best practices for opening, conducting, and closing a negotiation
  • successfully finalize agreements
  • leave claimants, customers, and counselors with “branded satisfaction”

“This is online training at a completely different level. Highly engaging, fast-paced, entertaining – and a perfect fit for the claims job. All the essentials, nothing extraneous, and properly level-set for the average adjuster. I actually loved this course – how often can you say that about training?”

Steve Lewis, CEO/President  | Crossroads Consulting

The Zurich Group purchased a well-known, conventional negotiation program. 435 claims people submitted positive course evaluations, but six months later there was no change in activities or performance. They made a second investment in a PRISMS for claims workshop program. Six months later the strength of reported results led to a re-license of PRISMS for loss control.
Frequently Asked Questions
Is this course primarily for new adjusters?

Like the original PRISMS for Claims program, The 360 Adjuster is designed for people across ALL competency and experience levels, each of whom get a unique set of benefits. New adjusters get comprehensive insights, skills, and tools that help them hit the ground running and skip years of trial-and-error. Mid-level careerists get critical reinforcement, plus plenty of new techniques. And seasoned pros get not only an engaging refresher course but also a practical new approach to influence and persuasion, based on recent neuroscience.

How did you decide which skills to include?

The original PRISMS for Claims program was developed in partnership with three of the world’s top P&C carriers, using interviews, observation, and research from management, line personnel, and customers. During its time in the market, feedback from over 120 claims organizations contributed to further optimization. The 360° Adjuster combines the best of all versions with proven new methodologies drawn from the neuroscience of influence and persuasion, validated through new testing from eight different P&C companies.

Can the course be combined with workshop/classroom based learning?

Absolutely. In fact, we recommend it. Current technology makes self-serve interactive learning more successful than ever before, but real-world human interaction is optimal practice for high performance in communication skills. We have several options for how to efficiently program The 360° Adjuster for on-site participation. Please contact us for more information.

Some of our adjusters have already been through a previous version of the PRISMS for Claims Adjusters program. How does this course compare?


Although built on the same course framework and content foundation as PRISMS for Claims, the entire program has been redesigned and rewritten for a contemporary audience, and contains more than 25% entirely new material. Most of the course would be seen as a refresher for those familiar with previous versions, whereas additional learning around the neuroscience of influence and persuasion would be new.

Some skills seem very basic, others advanced. Are there implementation options for different user skill levels?

Performance development professionals know that while it can sometimes be a challenge to promote, going “back to the basics” can yield enormous benefits for even the most accomplished. Still, we understand that options are sometimes necessary. Although we don’t recommend it due to numerous interdependencies, the modules of The 360° Adjuster can be made available individually or in alternate groupings. Please contact us about custom configurations.

Can other courses, such as technical training, be combined with The 360° Adjuster?

Some skill building categories align well with The 360 Adjuster, including personal productivity (e.g. time management), or even recorded statement and investigations training. These modules may be added to the program from third-party resources, or supplied by Rising Tide under special arrangement. Areas of a more technical nature such as liability assessment are not typical candidates for training integration.

Are managers able to monitor employee access, compliance, and scoring?

Yes. Managers with course accounts may be authorized with special access enabling tracking of user progress, as well as course reports and timelines. Managers may also enable direct user inquiries through the system in order to answer questions and provide feedback.

Can the course be installed on our own internal LMS?

Yes. The 360° Adjuster is fully SCORM compliant and may be installed on any server environment configured for LMS courses. Please contact us for details and pricing options..

A fictional company is used In the course. Can that be made to be our company?

Yes. Rebranding the course for your company includes multiple instances where a “Galaxy Insurance” office building is shown and where your company logo can be displayed within the illustration instead, as well as audio replacements where characters in the modeling scenarios use the company name. Please contact us for custom brand pricing

Is it possible to remove or replace one or more of the behavior modeling scenarios?

Yes. Scenario modification involves typically one of two customization levels. Level 1 is to simply delete any scenario that may not align with your business. Level 2 is to replace one or more of the behavior modeling segments with a custom scenario, which may also include procedural or policy details specific to your company. Please contact us for pricing on fully custom scenarios.

Do you have rates for customizing program segments other than behavior modeling scenarios?

Yes. We have a per-finished-minute programming rate (content + learning activities), which also includes script writing and instructional design. Discovery work (interviews and research for content development) is extra, priced according to scope of requirements and objectives. Please contact us to discuss custom production work.

Who owns finished custom programming material?

You are granted a license in perpetuity for finished custom material produced on your behalf. We retain ownership and distribution rights to the underlying intellectual property, i.e. skills, techniques, guidelines, and tools developed by Rising Tide Partners. We also retain rights to repurpose custom material in generic or “sanitized” fashion, in full compliance with any proprietary or non-disclosure agreements.

Although our training is designed to drive organizational achievement and market results, our programs are optimized for the learner. We put a lot of thought and care into the user experience, and in making sure that individuals are engaged not only by content and tools but by the prospect of greater accomplishment, and the rewards it can bring.

For interpersonal skills programming to be effective on-demand, it should be highly engaging. Great information design and a bit of entertainment value do a lot more than make a compulsory task more tolerable. It puts the human in human relations skills. Technical training must be correct. People skills training should connect.

Please connect with any questions, comments, or requests!

Russell P. Granger | CEO, Rising Tide Partners    

P.S. Check out my new article series at Claims Magazine.  

Preview seats subject to qualification.

Info on group pricing, customization, and volume discounts.